They say that for every seven years, Humans change body. Like a snake shedding its skin for a new one. I am 20. And a few months from now, All traces of you will be gone. Your marks inked on places they shouldn’t be, Your fingerprints staining my being, Your strokes that left invisible scars.... Continue Reading →

Too Much

I sit under the vast expanse of the starry night sky - Watching them glistening. There was once a time When all the storms raging from my insides subsided By just looking at them. But not tonight. They seem too far. Distant and unreachable. Just like everything I've ever planned. Just like everything I've ever wanted.... Continue Reading →


I wanted to say sorry. I planned to. But somehow, I kept my mouth shut. Those two words didn't come out. Perhaps because you said too much. Maybe because I wasn't sorry.

Just Tonight

Tonight, let's pretend. Let's live in our fantasy. Let's run away from obscured image of this reality. Just this once. Let me be yours, And you be mine. . . . Shall we?   My phone rings, And my heart skips a beat. 'Coz that's the ringtone that I set for you. I stare at... Continue Reading →

But I Am Not

Sometimes, I wonder What it would be like to be The one who receives those sparkles in your eyes, Instead of getting inquisitive and intense stares. What it would be like to be The one who can turn your walls into dust, Instead of solidifying it with tension hanging between us. What it would be... Continue Reading →


*dedicated to my bfffe   Whenever I say that her art Can knock the breath out of people, She always waves her hand in dismiss And says that others are way too great Compare to that meek art I'm calling. But dear, oh dear You don't realize it, do you? I'm not talking about the... Continue Reading →

What She Wants To Be

  She endured the scorching ball of fire, The unending azure horizon, The brightness that makes her raise her palm To shield against the light That trying to consume her. For this. For the cold breeze kissing her face. She's not fond of coldness, But it's the type of cold That makes you raise your chin... Continue Reading →


I love the night But I am afraid of it too, Because memories return When darkness crawls -  Unforgiving, unrelenting, cruel memories. Like tonight. I know it would be hunting until the first light. Mocking, torturing, and shredding my insides. Laughing at the fire that is burning there, The way the light flickers by just... Continue Reading →

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