Just Tonight

My phone rings, and my heart skips a beat ‘coz that’s the ringtone that I set for you. I stare at your contact photo that I stole that day we went to the beach before I answer your call. You greeted me with “I love you” instead of “Hello”. My, my, you surely know that behind my uttered disgust lies my fluttering heart. I bite my lip to stop myself from smiling too much. You see, my dog is watching me and he’s already giving me the looks.
I excuse myself from him so we can talk in private.

We start with our daily trade of happenings. You’re telling me about this astray cat that you adopt on your way home. It earns a face palm and a quite smile from me. I tell you how much jealous I am of those purr balls because they get to be with you while I’m here − just listening to your voice. They get to snuggle with you while I’m here − just being caressed by your laughs. You assure me that you love me way more than them. I’m still skeptic, you know. Those kittens really know how to make you smile. I wonder if I do, too. I think I’m being serious with my jealousy. Those cats better know their place.

I really am starting to miss you now that I’m hearing your voice. You stopped talking when you noticed my silence. You asked me what’s wrong.
“I just miss you so much”, I said.
There’s this long silence between us before you whispered “I miss you too”, with a sigh.

You tell me about something important that you forgot to do and say that you’ll call me again when it’s done. I reluctantly say okay, and now even your voice is not here to comfort me. I should really start being grateful while things are still there; absence really signifies how important something is. I went to fridge and tossed things in a pan. And that makes me miss you even more. I miss your cooks. You know how much I like experimenting with food, but they often turn inedible. You said before that you’re afraid I’m going to die because of food poisoning. Well, thankfully, I’m still alive but dying inside haha. I’m starting to get your corniness, geez. 

I put the “food” in the bowl, and that makes me think of you again. You don’t get why I eat in bowls when there are plates. I just like it. I turn on the television and stare at it while different pictures play in my head. I don’t know how long I reminisced when I remember my “food”. I cautiously put a tiny fraction in my mouth to check if it’s safe when my doorbell rings. I jump out of surprise and lay my food on the table. I peep at the hole and your close up face greets me. I think I died for a second then went back to living so I can open the door for you. You immediately hug me while I try and fail miserably not to cry. I burst into tears while smiling from ear to ear. You just laugh and hug me tighter.
“I hate you”, I said while still crying. You look at me and wipe the tears off my face.

“No, you don’t”, you said, then you kiss me on my forehead. And I swear, the time stops for a moment and just resumes by my stomach grumbling. We laugh and I pull you inside. You see my “food” and I laugh harder by looking at your grimacing face.

“You know what? I’ll cook”, you said
And that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard from you, haha kidding. You rummage through my fridge and start cutting and washing things, while I’m just here − watching you. I still can’t believe that you’re here. Heck, I can’t even believe that you’re mine. And time really flies when I’m happy.
“How can you prepare food that fast?”, I asked you. You tell me that it took an hour to make the food. Well, don’t tell me I spent an hour staring at you?. I did, didn’t I?

We eat and just wow, I can marry the food at this moment. I propose to the food, and earn a glare from you.
“You should be proposing to me, you know I can make more of this”, you mumbled.
I stand up to kiss you and whispered, “Don’t worry, you’re way handsome than them”
and quietly add, “Marry me?”
You grin and say that you’ll think about it. I pout and smile afterwards because well, at least you’ll think about it haha.

We went to the building’s rooftop after eating. I long so much for our stargazing nights, and now it’s here again. Light pollution makes the stars seem lesser but you’re here so I am not really in the position to complain. We just look at the sky without talking. I love this, you know. The way we’re comfortable at each other’s silence. My hand fpund yours, and I hold it tight because I know that you’ll be leaving anytime. Then I hear you say “Ouch“.
“Geez why do you have to ruin this moment?” I said then release your hand. I’m just trying to be cute, you know. I am really trying so hard not to laugh.
“It really hurts, but you’re worth it so hold it again, please?” you begged while batting your lashes. It turns out you’re cuter than me. I hold it and we watch stars.

And then the time comes, you kissed me good bye. And nothing is more painful than watching you leave. But then, I know one thing for sure – you’ll always come back to me. Always. And that’s enough reason to let you go.
‘Till then, my love.


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