The Thing About Pain

Allow your pain the power to change you in a positive, beautiful way.

It hurts, I get it. You want nothing more than to curl inside and hide where no one else can see you because if you don’t, the alternative will be too much to handle. Because if you don’t hide, you’ll hate. And the amount of strength you needed in order to hate is immense compare to not caring at all.

But let me ask you this … are those two the only choices?

Sometimes we spend so much time hurting than finding ways to heal. And at times, we’re the reason why the blood is keep on gushing and coming out when we keep on poking and digging the wound that is trying to heal.
Now, now, I am not saying that you are not allowed to be hurt. Dear no, feel it. Let it hurt, let it bleed … but you also have to let it heal. And eventually, if you can, if the time comes – let it go.

You should not let your pain dominates you, it is yours to own. It is yours to decide as to how can you use it. Ask yourself if it owns you or you own it. And if it’s enslaving you, maybe now is the right time to turn things around. Maybe now is the time to use it and not to be used by it.

Pain really is a great teacher. It changes people, most of the time in a destructive way, but it can also change people in an astounding way. Because there comes the you’ve-been-there,-you’ve-experienced-it,-you’ve-seen-it,-and-you-don’t-want-them-to-go-through-the-same kind of feeling inside of you, hence kindness is something pain teaches to people. That or cruelty, because the knowledge of suffering can be used against other people.

You see, pain is not always a bad thing especially if they’re turning into a ghost of wound – if they’re starting to recover. Because having scars means you’ve healed and nothing is more beautiful than having such imperfect thing to manifest how you’ve won your battles and how you survived. So you can hide it and be ashamed of it, use it to constantly remind others how they hurt you, or you can wear it, be proud of it, help people, inspire the world, and add your pain to its beauty. See? There are more choices than what you thought you have and the decision is always yours to make.

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