Lessons from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


  1. Don’t lie to your friends.
    Bokjoo doesn’t want her friends to find out that she goes in weight loss clinic. She lies to her friends to cover up her disappearances due to her sessions. When her friends find out, their relationship is strained, but they all make up with a promise to tell each other everything.Your true friends will always be there for you. Yes, they might judge you. They’ll probably react in a way that will hurt you but they’ll do it in front of you – in your face. Because at the end of the day, they’ll support you no matter what.57e99c938090725bda338b03cf4d462f351a0721_hq
  2. If it’s not meant to be, don’t force it.
    Kim Dae Ho feels like Coach Choi is the one hence he keeps on insisting and pushing himself to her. But in the end, he gave her up and later on found his the one that’s really meant for him.Remember guys, there’s a difference between pursuing a woman who has a potential on liking you and pursuing a woman who genuinely rejects you. Sometimes, the reason why we can’t find the one that God has sent for us is because we keep on forcing ourselves to wrong people.tumblr_ol1absLQLx1tkzohqo1_1280
  3. Family is not always about blood.
    Joon Hyung was left by his mother at young age to his aunt and uncle. They were the ones who took care of him since then.Love should be the standard when recognizing a family.weightlifting-fairy-kim-bok-joo-korean-2016-1
  4. Being a friend is a way to a girl’s heart.
    So stop sulking after being friendzoned. Just be the friend that she/he needs, who knows what will happen next, right?
    Friendship is the best way for a potential couple to know each other – really get to know each other. I’m not saying that you should go abuse the friendship that was offered to you, look at number 2. It’s still your decision if you’ll move on or stay as a friend. If you stay, be a genuine friend, that is without motive, and let it grow or develop if it’s meant to be.


  5. Be proud of yourself.
    Remember this line?  “Who will love you when you’re ashamed of yourself?” Joon Hyung said that to Bok Joo when he was frustrated by how much Bok Joo self shamed herself. There were also mentions of “veins popping out, red faces, their double and triple chins and bulging bellies,” and how she doesn’t want the guy she likes to see her in that state, even if weightlifting is something she loves.
    Joon Hyung denies everything and assures her that a guy who likes her will love her no matter what.
    So stay true to yourself because your own “Joon Hyung” will surely love you for who you are.

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