To Superman


  1. Thank you.
    I used to hate the way you make me feel, mostly because I’ve never felt that way before, that is if Lee Jong Suk and fictional characters are not included. Through time I learned to cherish it because who knows if I’ll ever feel that way again. So thank you – for the butterflies, jell-o knees that I thought only happened in movies and novels, for being one of the few people who make  eye contact easy for me, for the “library moments”, and basically for the feelings.
  1. Sorry.
    Sorry for confusing you and your heart. I know I’m making assumptions here but I sometimes see it in your eyes. I truly never wanted us to end up hating each other for sending signals and confusing one another but look where we were or just me, I guess (enough with the assumptions.). I spent a lot of time decoding things and being confused, and hated you at times so sorry for that, too. I hold no grudges now.
  1. You’re a good man, don’t let it fade.
    I know that you are one by seeing the love of people around you. And don’t let it fade, be the man that you really are. Stand up to bullies,joke. 
  1. Treasure her or let her go.
    “Women fall in love in man’s presence. Men tend to realize they are in love in a woman’s absence” 

 “And when you look at her, if you do not feel blessed to have her, she is not yours to keep. She is another man’s blessing.” – Pierre Jeanty

  1. Goodbye.
    Stories always end and though ours is not something I wanted to happen again, I’ll treasure it. Keep reaching for your dreams. I’ll pray for you and your journey to get that title. You’re closer, keep moving.

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