A Paradox


Life is simple; people are complicated.

      As the sky turns gray, the drips drop and the plops never stop – I stare at the serene view from my window. I hear the pitter patter as it grows louder and louder together with my thoughts. I’ve done it a hundred times – this deep thinking and wondering, whether the sky is clear, gray, or starry. We’ve all done it, being momentarily lost while figuring out all the decisions we’ve made, all the choices we’ve chosen, and all the chances we’ve taken and lost. Somehow feeling disappointed, one way or another. But I am here to tell you a great secret that’s hiding in plain sight: You are the only one that creates your own reality.

         As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Life is what you make it. Always have been. Always will be.”

         Any moment, you can turn your life around from wherever you are. Some of you might say “Oh please, I already know this.” But really, do you? Are you living the life that you’ve always wanted? Many people complain about everything and often blame other people for the life that they’re living. I admit, it’s easier to blame others than to face the truth that it is you who are making your life miserable. On the other hand, other people live the life that others want them to, constantly putting up a show to gain a few claps and ended up being sad and confused. Oh, I wonder why.

     When will people ever really learn that it is them who are controlling their lives. They seek happiness as if happiness is something hard to achieve when in fact, happiness can be found everywhere. The key is how you see things. You can have all there is in the world but still feel empty. And you can have nothing but feel the ultimate bliss, remember the Great Buddha? Remember also what he said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think, we become.” It really all boils down to you. Life is what you make it, not what others or your circumstances make for you.

Life really is simple; people are just complicated. 


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