What She Wants To Be


She endured the scorching ball of fire,

The unending azure horizon,

The brightness that makes her raise her palm

To shield against the light

That trying to consume her.

For this.

For the cold breeze kissing her face.

She’s not fond of coldness,

But it’s the type of cold

That makes you raise your chin and close your eyes

Just to savor the feeling of wind caressing your skin.

And for the darkness that spread so viciously,

Creeping into every crevices it could find until …

Until everything was devoured.

But this darkness –

This dark beast is different.

The moment it consumed the world,

It brought hope – little teeny tiny hope

That glitters against the darkness


This is what she was waiting for –

For the black nothingness to be decorated by lights –

Flickering and glowing.

You have no idea how much her heart twists, aches,

And yearns to be with them.

To be one of the speckles that gleam up the whole sky.

To be the reason why mortals

Stop fearing the night.


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