Let’s stop here 

I know that those people who hurt or keep on hurting other people have suffered or still suffering too. But your brokenness doesn't give you the right to break others.​

Storm in human form

So I'm here, left in the middle of the street, shivering from the cold. But I don’t mind at all; the cold made my body numb. I was thinking that maybe, if I stay a little longer, the numbness will reach my heart. Then . . . then the pain - that piercing throb that... Continue Reading →


The sky is turning into the color of tarnished lead. The glimmer’s slowly dying - Giving into the gray shadow that wraps everything around it. And as I look into the horizon, I have the oddest sensation that somehow I feel safe. I step into the barren field – Wind in my hair, cold breeze... Continue Reading →

Alone. Lonely?

"I don't feel lonely when I'm alone." I just read this line and it hits home. Sometimes I feel like something is wrong with me because the only person I am truly comfortable with is myself. I found solace when noone's around. Don't get me wrong, I like my family and friend's company but sometimes,... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Memory

I have a memory that is almost like a dream: the yellow and brown dried leaves falling from the Camachile tree, piling like a soft blanket against the solid ground. A piece of knitted cloths lies in the shade of the tree. The November sun shining but the breeze is cool – cool enough for... Continue Reading →


They say that for every seven years, Humans change body. Like a snake shedding its skin for a new one. I am 20. And a few months from now, All traces of you will be gone. Your marks inked on places they shouldn’t be, Your fingerprints staining my being, Your strokes that left invisible scars.... Continue Reading →


by: Brian Villavincencio Minsan. Nagkita tayo sa dating tagpuan. Sa ilalim ng karagatan ng mga bituin Ramdam ng damo sa ating likuran Ng kumot ng ulap na sumasayaw sa hangin Ang pulso ng mga damdamin. Mga kwentong gustong kumawala sa pusong matagal na nilang gustong lisanin. Nung gabing yon, walang kibo ang mga kuliglig Tumigil... Continue Reading →

Too Much

I sit under the vast expanse of the starry night sky - Watching them glistening. There was once a time When all the storms raging from my insides subsided By just looking at them. But not tonight. They seem too far. Distant and unreachable. Just like everything I've ever planned. Just like everything I've ever wanted.... Continue Reading →

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